Design Lab

An offspring of the 60-year-old ‘National’ group, the National Export Corporation (NEC) was established in 2001 to export high-quality designer embroidered fabrics. Our products are hand-made and crafted with raw materials & organic colors that have never been used before.

The vision of NEC is bringing back the ancient skill of hand embroidery and promoting skilled Indian craftsmanship on the world platform to blend it with different cultures around the globe. Also ensuring easy access to all young and talented designers all over the world.

Product Range

Over the past 5 decades, we have gained immense expertise in the art of embroidery. Take a look at our exclusive sample gallery. Each design is skillfully embroidered by hand, making it the epitome of artistry, rich design & exquisite value. Every year, we add a number of new, unique designs to our collection. These designs are in line with ongoing fashion trends and tastefully handcrafted using innovative types like sequins, metal coins, painted metal, etc.


Our exclusive range of bridal wear is an amalgamation of fresh fashion and traditional Indian aesthetics. It is a collection of hand-made dresses weaved from carefully picked organic raw materials.

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A wide range of dazzling evening wear perfectly crafted to strike a delicate balance between contemporary and classic style.

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